Disaster Prevention Hall-921 Earthquake Museum

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At 01:47 am on September 21, 1999, Taiwan experienced its largest earthquake in 100 years. The earthquake not only leveled buildings and houses over a wide area of central Taiwan, it also revealed a glaring lack of preparedness and prevention on the part of the people of all of Taiwan. It showed that rescue agencies were not ready, and people did not know what to do in the case of a disaster. Taiwan’s location and geology mean that natural disasters are certain to happen from time to time, including earthquakes, typhoons, rockslides and other calamities, and preparation can never be overlooked.

In the past, people said “Forewarned is forearmed.” It point out the importance of disaster prevention. Prevent the possible disaster and getting ready for it far outweighs the value of repair afterward. It is the objective of Disaster Prevention Hall. The goal of the gallery is to give knowledge of refuge and rescue, and related information to the audiences, to establish the correct concept of the disaster prevention.

Location:National Museum of Natural Science 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan